Queendom Living is purposefully living your best life. Rising above the obstacles of life using faith, hope, love, compassion and confidence to guide your daily path.

As in most travel situations, people will offer directions as to the best path to follow based upon their experiences. Their advice could be based upon the fact they have traveled in the same direction you are going or have never traveled your planned route, but have heard stories about the road and will try to steer you in a different direction.

Friends and family will act as our own personal GPS to assist us in our journey, advising us step-by-step where to turn and what streets to avoid. In the end, as with any GPS the best directions may have to be adjusted based upon unforeseen circumstances such as road construction, treacherous weather and new and improved travel conditions. When this type of change occurs we are in uncharted territory and must maneuver, the best way we can, in a new direction.The paths we take and the experiences we gain from our journey is what makes us the women we have become today. It becomes the road we travel to Queendom.

Queendom Living is about learning how powerful and special we are in our own territory. When you understand your lineage of royalty and walk in your power as daughter of the Most High King you will reign victoriously throughout your queendom.